Accepting a Client Portal Invite (for Clients)

The client portal is a very useful tool for clients and designers to view and manage different aspects of a project. A client may log in to view and approve or reject proposals that are created by the designer. They are also able to pay required deposits for proposals and also make final payments to invoices as well. 

The first step to getting this set up is a designer will have to send the client an invite to the project from their side of the client portal. Once they do this the client will receive an email in their account that looks like the screenshot below. Once they get the email they can select the red login button in the center. If the client does not see this email they should check all of their other folders including their junk folder, they can sometimes go there. 


Once you have selected the red log in button in the email it will direct you to a web page that will give you an option to enter your email and password for the portal, or register to set this up. Select this Register button so that you can start to set up your client portal login. Screenshot_at_Dec_17_09-39-30.png

Once you have selected register the next window will allow you to enter a password for the email address that was invited. Once you have entered your password select Join and it will take you into your view of the client portal. Screenshot_at_Dec_17_09-39-49.png

Once you are in you will be able to view Items, Proposals, and Invoices. Here you can approve or reject proposals that your designer has sent you. You may also pay deposits on items here or even pay the final amount on invoices. 


To make payment select the blue "New Credit Card Via Payscape" option. 



Here you can enter your payment information and submit payment. 




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