Studio Capture Installation

Studio Capture is a very helpful tool that allows you to use images and descriptions from websites to create items. 

In order to set up Studio Capture on your web browser, go to the Dashboard homepage and scroll down to the bottom. Once you reach the Studio Capture section, do the following steps to install:


  • Safari and Firefox Users: Drag and drop the Studio Capture button into your bookmark bar.


Alternative try to install the new StudioCapture Extension for Safari download the add on Studio Capture Add On and follow these steps. 

Go to Setting -> Advanced-> Check 'Show Developer menu in menu bar'. Then on Developer menu check - Allow Unsigned Extensions and Disable Cross-Origin Restrictions. Then you run 'Studio Designer Capture' application and you see extension in the extensions tab in Safari settings

Once you have added Studio Capture, please check out the Studio Capture User Guide to learn more about this feature and how to use it.  



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