View Previous Questions Submitted to Support

Have you ever wanted to view a previously written question or answer you have received from Studio Designer? Setting up a Zendesk login will allow you to do this. 

So if you go to our help center and create a Zendesk log in you will be able to see a history of all of your questions, and the responses you have received from our team. 


1. To do this go to the support center icon that is located at the top right of the screen. 


2. Once you have selected this you will see an option that says "Studio Designer Support" and "Get Answers", go ahead and select "Get Answers". 


3. Now in the top right there will be an option to sign in or create a Zendesk login. You can either sign up or login here.


4. Once you are logged in there will be your name next to what would be a profile picture in the top right corner and in the dropdown you will see an "Activities" selection. If you select this it will show a history of all of your questions you have submitted to Studio Designer. And our responses. 




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