Choose the option that fits the way you bill your clients.

Keep this as simple as possible.

The more variables (client, employee, group, activity), the more entries you’ll need to make for each client.



If you select a time billing rate code of 1 Client in the My Company file you would then define a specific time billing rate for each client.

If you have 10 clients, you would set up 10-time rate records in Time Rates.

One record for each client.


If you select a time billing rate code of 2 Client, Employee in the My Company section, you when then define a specific time billing rate for each client and employee combination.

If you have 10 clients and 3 employees, you would set up 30-time rate records.

One record for each client and employee combination.

 Setup Time Rates Records

  • Select Settings
  • Select Time Rates
  • Select New Time Rate 

Enter the appropriate selections based on your choice in My Company.

For this to work properly, every entry in the Time Rates screen must fit your choice from the My Company page with no more and no less entered into each record.


For example, if you chose 2 Client, Employee, you would ONLY fill in the Client and Employee on the records in Time Rates.

You would NOT fill in Group or Activity.

Having entries with too many options completed or not enough options completed will keep this area from functioning properly.


Remaining Options:

  • Description – complete this if you would like a description to automatically default to each new activity created
  • Client Rate – The rate to be charged
  • Billing Code
    • Billable – will be invoiced
    • Non-Billable - will be invoiced, but will show 0.00 for rate
    • Reimbursable – will be invoiced
    • Office – will not be invoiced
  • Taxable – Yes/No - Change to yes if this activity is taxable. 


When Rates Do Not Default Correctly


  1. Confirm that you have chosen the correct code in Settings | My Company
  2. Confirm that you have entered Time Rates correctly. (Settings | Time Rates)
    1. If you chose 1 client, all entries would ONLY have client selected.
    2. If you’ve chosen a combination, confirm that ALL entries have ALL pieces of the combination completed.
  3. Remove the checkmark beside Active (within Settings | Time Rates) and confirm that there are no inactive entries that do not fit your required fields based on your choice in My Company.

The most common problems are caused when you’ve selected a combination within My Company, but have entries that are missing parts of the combination.

For example, in My Company, you’ve selected Client, Group, Activity and in Time Rates there’s an entry with only a client entered.



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