Key Features: Accounting (Advanced)

This is a list of advanced Accounting features in Studio Designer. For help utilizing these features, please reach out to one of our outside consultants.

  • REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES: Procedures for recording misc expenses that you'd like to pass onto your client.  These frequently include things like FedEx, Travel, Tips, etc.
  • PAYING WITH CLIENT FUNDS: Record a payment that went directly from your client to the vendor.
  • OWNER'S DRAW: When the order is paid by an owner's personal funds.
  • WHEN THE EMPLOYEE PAYS: How to record a payment from an employee to a vendor, and reimburse the employee.
  • JOURNAL ENTRIES: How and where to record a standard accounting journal entry.
  • TIME RATES: Setup default time rates so your client's billing rate defaults automatically as time billing entries are created.
  • MODIFYING INVOICES: Invoices created for items may be modified.  Learn how to remove from and add to invoices.
  • CLIENT DISCOUNTS: Learn a few different way to give clients discounts.
  • INVENTORY: Buy, sell and track your owned and consigned inventory.
  • INVENTORY RETURNS: Simple steps to return items to inventory when clients reject them.
  • DONATING INVENTORY: How to record items donated from your inventory to charitable organizations. 



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