I applied payments to the wrong proposal/invoice, what do I do?

When you apply payments to the wrong proposal or invoice, here's the solution to make the appropriate adjustments. 

You can reverse the receipt:

· Select MONEY IN
· Select Payment Method (if you’re not sure, see Payment Application on the previous page)
· Select the Client
· Enter the Date, Check#, Description, etc. that was originally used
· Cash Account – Use the same account as the original transaction
· Amount – Enter a negative (-) amount = to the amount of your adjustment if you are reversing or reducing a receipt
 If your payment method was Receive Payment, select Post Payment

If your payment method was Receive & Apply or Apply Payment, enter the appropriate (negative) amounts in the Amount to Apply column beside the items to be adjusted

(IMPORTANT HINT; If you can’t find the items, change Filter: to ALL and enter the invoice/ proposal # if needed)



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