Room List is where you enter and maintain the names of room lists. A Room List identifies the name for a list of rooms used in a design project.

The most commonly used room list names are: 

  • Residential
  • Commercial

Create a New Room List (name):

You can use residential as the only room list for all of your clients and many clients do, but you can also set up a unique room list for each client.

Example: Douglas New York Home

To create a new room list, simply select New Room List (top right) and type in the new room list name in the Room List field and save.

Note: When you create a new Room List associated to a particular client, it is important to update the Room List selected in the client's address record within the Codes Tab. 


Create Rooms for the room List: 

After you define a room list, go to Settings | Rooms and define the rooms associated with the room list. 

  • Select Settings
  • Select Rooms
  • Select the blue button on the top right to add a 'New Room' 
    • First, add the room list name from the drop-down
    • Second, add the room name. 
    • The description and sidemark should populate in. 



Rooms is where you enter and maintain the name of rooms that belong to a room list.

Room List

The name of the room list that this room is related to.


The name you want to use to refer to this room.

It can be a number or a name.

Example: 001 or Living Room

Items in design projects sort by this room name.


The description of the room that can print on Proposals and Invoices.


Sidemarks are automatically generated for orders.

The sidemark contains 4 parts, your company / client / room / item.

The sidemark entered here automatically fills in the room portion of the sidemark.

Example: “LIVING ROOM”


A descriptor for Hotel designers to know how many of these Rooms there are in a Hotel.

Exclude From Budget

This will suppress items within this room from printing on reports when "Exclude From Budget" is selected in Rooms.

Copy Room

If copy room next to description is checked, the room will automatically copy to the description.

If copy room next to sidemark is checked, the room will automatically copy to the sidemark.


Copy Room List: 

You can either add each room to a new list individually by selecting New or copy an entire set of rooms from an existing list to your new list.

  • Select Copy Room List on the top right
  • Select the applicable room list
  • Select from room list
  • Select to room list 
  • Select Copy now

This will make a duplicate room list which you can then edit to customize.













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