Description Templates using My Products

We are frequently asked for ways to have certain text automatically inserted into items as they are created. For example, for fabric, you might want the following:




Although we don't have a function specifically for this purpose, we have found that the following works well:

1. Create a product within My Products with the text you want to automatically populate your item. 

2. Apply the product to an item, then update the vendor, etc. to reflect the appropriate options. 


Create a Product within My Products

  • Select Projects
  • Select Products, then My Products
  • Select New Product

In the example below, we've used a vendor named TEMPLATE, but you can use any generic vendor you prefer since you'll change the vendor on the actual item when you purchase it.

We've also named the product FABRIC so it's obvious when selecting the product for a new item.



Scroll down to see the Description information and enter the descriptions you want to come in when you select this Product for a new item. 

In the example below, we have only entered text in Vendor Description which required that we remove the checkmark from Copy Description.


Apply the Product to an Item 

Create a new item (or view an existing item) and select your product from the My Products list.


Update the necessary fields as we have above (vendor, sales code, room, etc).

Update the text that was imported in the Description fields. 







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