My Products (Projects | Products)

My Products allows you to store details about products that you frequently sell, and then automatically build Items to sell to your clients from those stored product records.

Note: There is a common confusion between Inventory and Products.  Inventory is used when you have a physical piece available for sale.  Products refers to a type of catalog of products that you can keep in Studio Designer to hold the details about products that you frequently sell, but do not own.

These are the steps to manage My Products.

1.) Create Products

2.) Create Items to Sell from My Products


1.) Create Products:

  • Select Projects
  • Select Products

This is a list of all products that you have stored, sorted by My Vendor, Product.

To create a new product record select New Product (blue button on the top right).


A blank product record is displayed - the example below: 



The summary description of the item.

My Vendor

The Vendor the product is purchased from.

Product #

Most commonly this is the same as the vendor's assigned product #, but it can be anything you choose.

Purchase Cost

The purchase cost of the product.

Note: Just a reminder, all product details including costs must be maintained by you.  There is no outside maintenance of costs, etc.  Always confirm pricing with your vendor.

Selling Price

The base selling price of this product.  Normally designer net which would match the purchase cost.  Mark up will automatically be applied if one is present on the codes tab of the client's address record when this product is used to create an item to sell.

Retail Price

The retail price the product is sold for. This is not inserted anywhere into the item when sold.

Sales Code

The sales code defaults to new items created with this product.

Studio Vendor

If the vendor for this product is a member of the Vendor Portal, select the vendor here.


The unit of measure.


Select a category from the list. This list is maintained by Studio Designer for use in the Studio Designer Market and Product Catalogs and cannot be modified by users.

Sub Category

Optional - select a sub category if one is available and applicable. 

Item Code 1

The item code 1 defaults to new items entered for this Product.

Item Code 2

The item code 2 defaults to new items entered for this Product.




Internal notes for your records only.


Finish details for this item.

Client Description

This is the detailed client description that will be copied to new items.

Copy to Vendor Description

Check this box to automatically copy the client description to the vendor description.

Vendor Description

This is the detailed vendor description that will be copied to new items.


Customers own material details and requirements.


Dimensions for this item.


Details for various options for this product.  This field is for internal reference only and does not print on any forms or reports.


2.) Create Items to Sell from My Products

  • Select Projects
  • Select Items
  • Select New Item
  • Select A Product from the My Products Drop Down or selecting the Magnifying Glass to locate and select the desired product.




Another way to add in: 

  • Select Projects
  • Select Products
  • Select 'Add to Design Project' icon as shown below in red. 


  • The below screen will appear, fill in the fields according to be then select 'add product'. 

All product details will be copied from the selected Product record into the new Item record, where the Item can then be processed as if it had been created manually.  You can edit any details if needed.






























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