This is a list of advanced features some designers utilize in Studio Designer. Please familiarize yourself with the definitions below and through articles in the Help Center. 

  • MY PRODUCTS: Enter details about products you sell frequently so you don't have to re-create them each time you add them to a client project.
  • INVENTORY LABELS: Use Microsoft Word to print custom labels if the labels we provide aren't right for your needs.
  • IPHONE APP: Enable and use the iPhone app for your Studio Designer account.
  • ANDROID APP: Enable and use the Android app for your Studio Designer account.
  • DESCRIPTION TEMPLATES: Create a shortcut for automated text prompts for new items based on sales codes.
  • ROOM LISTS: You can create a custom room list for each new client/project.
  • CALENDAR: Enable Google Calendar so you can see your existing appointments within your Studio Designer calendar.
  • COPY ITEMS: Copy an entire project or specific rooms within a project to a new client/project.
  • CLONE: Clone individual items.  A great time saver for making similar items.





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