Setup Topics for Administrators

Setting up and customizing these fields will personalize how Studio Designer works for you, save you and your employees time, and help to ensure some of the following:

  • Your company name, address, logo, disclaimers, etc. print on all of your forms
  • Employees have the necessary access to perform their daily duties
  • Clients, vendors and other contacts are set up by the time your employees are ready to start entering info.  This can be a major time and frustration saver.

Most of the fields that need to be reviewed are located in the Settings Menu. Studio Designer is preinstalled with standard information in most of the fields.  You can edit records from any of the files to customize Studio Designer for your needs. You can also come back and update these files at any time. 

When you're ready to start thinking about customizing and setting up more defaults, in order for data to populate automatically, move on to Advanced Topics for Administrators which covers the following:  


MY COMPANY: Enter your company address, email, phone, etc. to be shown on forms such as proposals, orders, invoices, and statements.

IMPORT YOUR LOGO: Import your logo and/or footer that will show on proposals, orders, invoices, statements and in Client Presentations.

EMPLOYEES: Setup employees, define security, and rates.

IMPORT YOUR ADDRESS LIST: Information on importing clients, vendors, etc. via CSV file.

ADDRESSES: Enter clients, vendors and other addresses manually. 

CONTACTS: Add contacts to your address records.

SHIP VIA: Ship Via's are assigned to items to tell how an item will be shipped. You can add to or modify our default list.

ACCOUNT MERCHANT SERVICES: Enter the account information for integrated services with Payscape or Paypal.

COMPANY CODES: Set company-wide defaults for a variety of options, including markup, deposits, terms, tax locations, etc.  

REPORT DEFAULTS: Choose to get copies of emails and set defaults for form names, image sizes, and many report options.

MESSAGES: Setup the messages/disclaimers that you want to automatically print at the bottom of your forms and documents.

EMAIL TEXT: Add default email text and signatures for various forms as well as the Client Portal.

IMPORTANT BROWSER SETTINGS: Steps to insure that reports are able to open correctly and that places requiring pop-ups are allowed to open.

ADD/REMOVE USERS: Add or remove additional users.







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