This is a message from a user regarding their payscape account. we need to give our users a heads up. 

You should inform your new clients that unless you have a minimum of 50K in your business account, your trasactions for large purchases will not go thru. Client just paid $25,700 in invoices and Payscape wouldn't deposit the funds into my account, they said the liability was too high. We are a new business we had $12,000 in our account and a client with a budget of 75K. We had invoices and a letter of agreement with our client. They wouldn't release the funds. The limit was $20,000 per client credit card for 6 months at a time. That wasn't my understanding when we applied for our account. This has hurt my credibility with my client and I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you have an established business or more money in your account. I said I would put additional capitol into my business if it would make the transactions process, they said, that wouldn't work, I needed to have a history of higher bank balances. Not a good day.



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