Refunding Unused Funds (Client Refunds)

Sometimes you will have an overpayment from a client and the funds are no longer needed, in which case you would issue the client a refund.  

Print/Post a check through Money Out

  1. Select Accounting
  2. Select Money Out
  3. Select Office Payments
  4. Pay To: is the name of the client you are refunding
  5. Cash Account: The account the check will be drawn from
  6. Payment Code: “Manual” or “Print” if you are printing a check
  7. Description: We recommend putting “Refund” followed by the date
  8. Select “New Distribution” and select “Suspense” for the Expense Account
  9. Amount: The amount you are refunding the client.
  10. Select “Save and Close”

 Screenshot_at_Aug_07_11-35-42.pngRecord a Negative Receipt

  1. Select Accounting
  2. Select Money In
  3. Payment Method: Select “Receive Payment”
  4. Received From: Select the Clients Address ID
  5. Check #: XXXXREFUND (Replace XXXX with your check #)
  6. Amount: The Amount of the Rufund (Negative Amount)
  7. Description: Refund (your description)
  8. Cash Account: Select “Suspense”
  9. Select “Post Payment”


To check your accuracy:

  1. Review the balance in your suspense account before and after your steps are complete, it should be the same when you finish as it was when you started
  2. Confirm your Cash account has decreased by the amount of the refund
  3. Confirm the Funds Available shows the correct balance




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