Item Screen: History Tab

What is the History section in “Items?”

For more information on the Items section, please refer to Learn Everything About Items.

History is one of five tabs that can be found within an item. It serves as a means of showcasing the item history based on the actions done by an employee. This can be beneficial for a team to keep track of work that is being done for an item and/or project.

To view the item history, do the following:

Step 1: Go to Projects and click on Items.


Step 2: On the Items page, click on any of the items.


Step 3: On the Item page, click on the History tab which can be found next to Notes.


Step 4: Once you are on the History tab you will notice the following:

  1. What was adjusted: Proposals, invoices, orders, item status, etc.
  2. Who it was adjusted by: Employee.
  3. When the item was adjusted: Month, day, year, time, etc.





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