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What is Payscape?

Payscape is a tool that lets you process and collect client payments electronically. Studio Designer allows you to link your Payscape account for your clients to use in the client portal.


Setting up Payscape

To start using Payscape you need to enter your account information. .To do this go to Settings > My Company > and scroll down to Accounts. Here you are able to enter Payscape and PayPal information. When you have entered your account number you can save and close.


Clients Using Payscape

Now to enable your clients to be able to use Payscape you need to edit their address. If you select an address to edit and go to the “Codes” tab you will see box you are able to select for Payscape. Put a checkmark in the box and select save. By doing this there will a link added below the totals on proposals and invoice that says “Make Credit Card Payment” which will bring your clients to Payscape where they can enter their payment information.


Receiving Client Payments from Payscape

You can choose to have transaction fees deducted as they are received or in a lump sum at the end of each month. You should ALWAYS have them collected at the end of each month to make accounting much easier. Please contact Payscape and have this changed if you currently have the fees deducted per transaction.


To enter the clients payments from Payscape into Studio Designer you would do this the same way you would as if they paid you with a check.


  1. Select Method: Receive Client Payment.
  2. Received From: The client you are receiving payment from.
  3. Amount: Amount client is paying you
  4. Date and Check # field: We suggest you enter the date followed by PS for Payscape (Ex. 190729PS).
  5. Payment Type: Select the appropriate card the client paid with.
  6. Cash Account: Same as original transaction
  7. Post Payment.


Passing Fee’s onto Clients

You are able to pass on transaction and credit card fees to clients. To do this we recommend setting an Other Cost for an item. You will have to create the new “Other Cost” and name it “CC Fee” or “Transaction Fee”. Then add the other cost onto an item you are charging the client for. You can create an Other Cost by going to Settings > Other Costs > Add Other Cost.

Screenshot_at_Jul_29_14-15-56.png Screenshot_at_Jul_29_14-16-14.png

Payment Notification

When a client makes a payment through Payscape an email notification is sent to the email that is entered into the Payscape user account.


Error Messages

Sometimes a user is unable to make a payment and there are multiple possible Error Messages.


Some common reasons would be:


Pick up card - NF = Non-Fraud

Pick up card - S = Stolen

Pick up card - L = Lost

Pick up card - F = Fraud


Some other possible Error Messages and what they mean:


Error – “call voice center”

Call Voice Center – in general this means the customer should call the number on the card to see why it is denied.  Some credit cards are restricted from certain Merchant Category Codes (such as timeshares) as they are high risk.  Or the activity might be out of their normal spending pattern.

Error – “Error processing transaction – please contact customer service”

This means they’ve gone above their  monthly volume amount.  

Error – “issuer declined Mcc”

MCC = Merchant category classifications, some issuers will not allow charges to certain types of businesses such as timeshares. 

Error – “issuer declined”

No way of knowing why the issuer declined – may be due to merchant category code, spending patterns, etc.  Only way to confirm is to have the customer call the credit card company or bank for details.

Error – “Merchant error”

Info in the merchant setup is incorrect such as merchant number, store number, etc.  May have to contact the payment platform to verify the correct information.

Error #57 (First Data)

When the user gets this it means that the merchant account is not set up properly to accept Discover or Amex.  The merchant must contact their bank rep and have them fix this.  (this error comes from First Data).

Error:  “!ERROR!-GW00488-Error with Transaction Origin”

ACI error – Bank is down.

Error:  “Amount exceeds the maximum ticket allowed”

Has to do with the settings on the affiliate side.



Error:  “Authentication Failed”

AuthenticationFailed means problem with userid/password or it could be a problem with IP addresses being restricted. 


Error:  “Card number must be 13-16 numbers”

Even though the card might have the correct number of digits, if it is known to be invalid this error message appears (for instance if the card starts with a 2).


Error:  “Customer name is required”

Need to provide first and last name (variables firstname, lastname)

Error: “Invalid Card #”

Check how the card number was entered into the field.





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