How to Post a Journal Entry

Studio Designer is a double entry accounting system.  This means that you must have at least two entries for each complete journal entry and the total of those entries must be 0.00.


Step 1: Click Accounting > Journal Entries


This will take you to the Journal Entries page. If you have made any Journal Entries previously, they will appear on this screen.


Step 2: Click New Journal Entry


This will take you to the “New Journal Entry” screen where you can edit the values of your new Journal Entry.



Step 3: Fill in the details of the Journal Entry


Here is where you enter how much money, the type of entry and the account that will be impacted.


Step 4: Click Save


This creates a Pending Journal Entry and closes the page.


Step 5: Verify the transaction


The entry will now appear on the Journal Entry page.

Step 6: Click New Journal Entry


Now that you’ve created one side of the Journal Entry, you need to create the other side in order to have this logged into your account correctly.

Step 7: Create the Reverse of the previous entry and Save


Fill in similar information to the first transaction. Ensure that the Amount is negative.

Step 8: View both sides of your single entry


The balances on this screen need to equal “0”.


Step 9: Click Post Entries


You will see a dialog prompting you to make these entries. Click OK to Post the entrie



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