Downloading Multiple Proposals, Orders and Invoices

How do I download multiple PDF files (proposals, orders, invoices)?

To download multiple PDF files at once, do the following:

  1. Go to Projects and select Proposals, Orders, or Invoices.Download_PDFs_-_Step_1.png
  2. On the Proposals page, Orders page, or Invoices page click on the # towards the left-hand side. Download_PDFs_-_Step_2.png
  3. Once you are on the proposal/order/invoice page, click on Share. Download_PDFs_-_Step_3.png
  4. On the General Settings page, under Select a Theme check the box next to Include Extra Proposals/Include Extra Orders/Include Extra Invoices. Doing this will allow you to add multiple forms.Download_PDFs_-_Step_5.png
  5. Once everything is set, click on Save as PDF.




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