How to add to your Inventory

The “Inventory” feature in Studio Designer allows you to manage owned and cosigned Inventory. This can be for a physical item or product you own and wish to sell and manage.

You can create and add a new item to your “Inventory” by following the steps below:

1. In Studio Designer, select "Projects" then "Inventory" near the bottom.



2. Let's add a new Inventory item, select "New Inventory" on the top right.



3. Fill in the following sections to create your new Inventory item:


  1. Description is the name and a title to your Inventory.
  2. Inventory ID refers to a quick reference of your Inventory.
  3. My Vendor selects a vendor related to this Inventory.
  4. Sales Code identifies the type of sale for this Inventory (fabric, furniture, etc).
  5. Category helps to organize your inventory by filtering it, this can be labeled as Sofa, Lighting, Rug, etc.
  6. Item Code; may choose 2 different ones for Code 1 and Code 2.
  7. Purchase Cost to list the cost of what the inventory was purchased at.
  8. Selling Price and Retail Price information is available to be entered to show the difference between the two.
  9. Location sets to where the inventory item is being sent to after purchase.
  10. Choose an Image of your Inventory item.
  11. More information can be added for the Inventory below, if needed, such as Client/ Vendor Description, Dimensions, Color, etc.
  12. After you are satisfied with the information for your Inventory, select “Save”.


4. You should now see your new Inventory item saved and recorded. When more Inventory is added, you are able to filter and find a specific Inventory based upon the information entered, such as by Item Code, Vendor and Location.



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