Customizing for Proposals, Orders, Invoices

1. Studio Designer allows you to customize almost everything including what is displayed on your proposals, orders, and invoices.


2. To start customizing what these documents look like you can go to Settings > My Company > Reports. Now if you scroll down to the “Printing Proposals and Invoices” section you will see some options that you are able to check/uncheck.


3. This is where you can include/hide information such as Mark up %, Other Costs, Sales Tax, Room Totals, Unit Price, Currency, Images, etc…


4. You can also choose what information you would like displayed on the header and footer of your document by checking the box as pictured above.


5. If you would like the text “Proposal” or “Order” changed to something else, you may do so as pictured above.

6. This section is also where you will upload your company logo and edit the alignment.


7. Next if you would like to add a custom message on your Proposal, Order, or Invoice you may do so by going to the “Messages” tab beneath “Reports”. This is also where you can manage the alignment of your address as well.


8. Whatever you type in each of these message fields is what will be displayed at the end of your document. You may include anything such as Thank you messages, instructions, disclaimers, etc…

9. Now when it comes to saving your .PDF or sharing your document you will have some last minute options to change the appearance and display of your document.


10. Under general settings you can change the theme of your Proposal, Order, or Invoice which will alter the appearance of how your document looks as well. You may also choose to hide or display certain details by checking/unchecking the box. This is also where you can modify the size of the company logo.

11. Click Save as PDF or click share to e-mail.


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  • In version 2.0, the template to print an invoice showing the deposit amount per item has vanished. Is there any way for me to create a custom report to reproduce the old invoice style? Is this something you are going to add back in at some point? The template was used for all of our client facing invoices and we also used it in our QC process. 


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