Entering Payments for Orders

There are 2 possibilities to enter a payment for an order.

1. Open an order from the Order view or from within an Item (This is especially convenient when you pay via credit card)

2. Money Out -> Order Payments (allows you to enter multiple payments)


Order payment within the order itself

  1. Go to Projects -> Orders, filter by order number and open the order
  2. Click on Enter Payment button
  3. Enter information (Amount, Reference etc)
  4. Create the entry by selecting either 
    • "Make a Check" or "Credit Card" payment OR
    • "Post Vendor Payment" or "Create Check Entries" -> read more

Money Out - Order payment

  1. go to Accounting -> Money Out
  2. click on Order Payments
  3. before you enter your payment, considers these options
    • Paying by Credit Card
    • Paying with Client Credit Card
    • Order Payment Owner's Draw
    • Order Payment made by an employee -> read more


Information: If you are using Quickbooks or another accounting software please go to Quickbooks, right now we are not integrated with Quickbooks.



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