Inviting your Client to the Client Portal

The Client Portal is an online tool that allows you to share project information to your clients anywhere and anytime. Your clients can interactively select to view items by room, proposal or invoice and see detailed information. Your client can also approve proposals and make payments all within the click of their mouse.

1. Select "Projects" on the navigation bar and select "Client Portal".

2. Let's set up a new portal for a client, to get started, select "New Invite" on the top right




3. Fill out the following areas for "From", "To", and "Project"




4. Select "Send Invite" on the bottom right to send your invite. A confirmation notification will pop up saying your invite has been sent.

5. Your invite will now be shown with "Status", "Resend", "Access Enabled" and "Login as Client".

6. To view the portal, select "Login as Client".




7. The Client Portal will show "Items", "Proposals" and "Invoices" for your client to view.




8. Your Client can choose to view each Proposal # as well as "Approve" or "Reject" them.




9. In "Invoices" your client can view your invoice and choose to "Pay" the amount.




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  • Where can the clients track the progress of each item? Previously there was a status tab that showed the expected ship date, when the item shipped, and when it's been received. 


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