The purpose of a proposal is to display items to your client that you would like to have approved to purchase for their project. 

1. First in order to create a proposal, you will have to create an item or multiple items.

2. Once you have created all the items you would like included on your proposal you are able to select them by checking the check box next to the item or by clicking “Select All” and then clicking “Create Proposal”.


3. Remember you are able to filter items by Client, Room, Vendor, Active/Inactive. This can help narrow your search for a large list of items that you would like to create a proposal for. For example if you need to propose all the items to your client for a certain room, you can filter the items by room, then click “Select All”. This will save you time.

4. Once you have clicked on “Create Proposal” you can go over to the projects tab and click on proposals. Here you will see a list of proposals and you will have the ability to filter through them as well to find them easier.


5. When you select your proposal number from the list you will be able to view what it looks like and what it contains. Here you can make last minute adjustments to the appearance of your proposal. You can also save the document as a PDF and also email the proposal as well.

6. Now you can wait until you client approves/denies the items that are proposed. If you send them an invite to the Client Portal they are able to log in and approve the proposal and they can also pay there as well.





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