Sometimes, when ordering Items for you client, you will need to charge (or be charged) for services or aspects of the Item that do not directly relate to its selling price. This could be something like Freight, Crating, White Glove Service and any number of other add-ons. In order to separate these additional services from the cost of the item, we have created the Other Cost feature.


You can find the Other Cost feature by clicking Settings and then clicking on the Other Costs.




If you would like to create more Other Costs, just click on the “+Add Other Costs” button.





  1. Other Cost – This is the friendly name of the Other Cost. 
  2. Income Account – When you collect the money from your clients, this is the account in which the money will be deposited.
  3. Expense Account – When paying this Other Cost to the Vendor, this is the account from which the money will be taken.
  4. Mark Up % - If you are passing this cost along to your customer, this is the Design fee (or Mark up) that you are adding on top of the cost that you pay to the Vendor.
  5. Purchase Deposit % - When you are purchasing this item from the Vendor, what is the deposit percentage that you have arranged with the Vendor?
  6. Selling Deposit % - When the customer purchases this item from you, what is the Deposit that the customer will have to pay up -front for this cost.
  7. Taxable – Will Sales Tax be applied to this Other Cost?



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