Time Rates in Studio Designer help you to pre-set at what rate you will charge your clients for the time billed to them. This section works in conjunction with the Time Rates property in the My Company section of our program.


To set default Time Rates, just click on Settings and then click on Time Rates property as shown below.



If you would like to set up a Time Rate here, simply click on “+ New Time Rate”.




Below is a list of all of the properties on this page and what they should contain:

Name – This is the friendly name of the Time Rate. 

Client/Project – If this Time Rate applies to a single client, enter that rate here. 

Employee – If this tax rate applies to a single employee, enter that information here.

Group – If this tax rate applies to a single Employee Group, enter that information here.

Activity – Select an Activity for this Time Rate to be related to.

Description – A long-form description of this tax rate. 

Client Rate – The rate at which you will be charging your clients for their time. 

Billing Code – Determine if this is a billable or non-billable activity.

Taxable – Determine if you will be collecting tax on this activity.



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