Settings: Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts in Studio Designer represents the entirety of the accounts that you could possibly use to add or remove funds in your company. By default, we have included the more commonly used and requested accounts. You will need to discuss with your bookkeeper if these default accounts are sufficient for your accounting needs.


If you find that you need to create a new Account, simply click “+Add New Account”.


The reference list below describes each property and what should be populated there.

  1. Account – This is the name of the account that you are creating.
  2. Reference – Typically a 4 number sequence that represents the account that you are creating.
  3. Type – This allows you to determine the type of account that you are creating.
  4. Code – This is populated by the entries that you set in Settings > Account Codes.
  5. Department – This property allows you specify the department that will be utilizing this account.
  6. Sub Account of – If this account is a sub-account of a much larger account, you can list that here.
  7. Active – Determine if this is an Active Account in your system.
  8. Cash Account – Check this checkbox if this account is primarily used as a cash account.
  9. Credit Card – If you are entering a company or personal credit card, check this checkbox.

Once you’ve entered the desired information into the New Account page, just click on the Save button in order to save and close this page.


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  • Sub account feature is not working for us - anyone that finds it working please give me a shout out


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