The purpose of the “My Employees” screen is to give you an overview of how many employees are in your system.





To add a new employee, click “+ New Employee”. 




The Employee Setup page has two tabs; "Employee” where you enter basic information about this Employee and “Permissions” where you set permissions for your employee.



In the Employee tab you can set specific information about each employee in your system. This reduces the need for a “file” for each employee.


Employee Tab




NOTE: The USER ID property is very important. If this employee is a User in our system (has his or her own login), this will be populated with the Employee’s User Name. Otherwise, this can be blank. 


Permissions Tab



The Permissions tab can grant or deny employees access to specific areas or data points in your system. They are separated into four sections: 

1. Access to Pages - This will either show or hide specific pages in Studio Designer

2. Access to Reports - Will either show or hide specific reports in Studio Designer

3. Actions - Will either prevent or allow employees from performing specific actions in Studio Designer.


4. Individual Permissions - Will either prevent or allow the employee from viewing specific aspects of Studio Designer.


* NOTE: If the “Show Time Billing In Invoices List” checkbox is not checked, the Employee won't see “Time Billing”. 




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